How to Guarantee Lower Rates on the Loan?

It is not recent that research shows that a large part of Brazilians in adulthood is in debt. Just look for withdrawals made by the Good Finance Information (GFI) and the Good Finance Investment Corporation (GFIC).

If you are part of the “pindaíba gang”, rest assured. We will show below how to guarantee lower rates when applying for a loan.

This way you can pay off your debts without having to incur an even greater debt with financial institutions. That said, we have listed throughout this article ways to get your money without paying high interest.

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Compare online


The internet offers many facilities for our daily lives. The examples are numerous and well known: they range from communication to performing tasks in a short time. Why not take advantage of these benefits when looking for the best rates? Today we find personal loan comparator websites.

In a few minutes, you will be able to make an evaluation of the options available in several financial institutions. It is also possible to find different ways to obtain credit.

It is not necessary, after all, to restrict yourself to the classic personal alternative. The following is an example of two options that tend to offer more affordable interest rates.

Get a refinance or consignment credit


One way to reduce interest is to give an asset as a guarantee that the payment of the amount obtained will be made. In real estate refinancing, the owner gives his property as property to be sold. You may still be able to reside there, but it will become the bank’s property temporarily.

In this case, the financial institution will only actually take the place if there is a default. Another viable alternative is consignment credit. It is a modality where the installments are debited directly from the debtor’s payroll. It is a very popular loan among retirees, pensioners, and civil servants.

Try a vehicle refinance


What to know how to guarantee lower rates when applying for a loan? Try vehicle refinancing. In this type of loan, you will place your car as a guarantee of payment. Thus the bank, or financial institution, will dispose of your property while the payment is being made.

This method of applying for credit is notorious for presenting rates below those practiced in personal loans. With an average of 1.8% (ranging from 1.50% to 2.80% per month), it is at least three times less than the minimum value found in the traditional scheme. In some cases, refinancing can be done even with vehicles whose payment has not been fully paid.

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In this article, we discuss how to guarantee lower rates when applying for a loan. You can use these tips to get that extra cash that can solve your financial problems.

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